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Pet Product Innovations, LLC.


America's #1 Selling Paw Cleaner! Pet Product Innovations LLC offers the award-winning, patented Paw Plunger®. Invented by actress Brianne Leary, Paw Plunger® safely and gently cleans dogs’ paws without chemicals or soap.

Paw Plunger® is easy to use, safe and affordable. It’s the tool for ALL seasons; Spring, Summer, Fall and of course, Winter - where ice and snow-melting chemicals can burn and sting delicate paws. Use at home or on the road when and where you need it. Visit www.PawPlunger.com for more information or to purchase Paw Plunger!

If you are a retailer or distributor and wish to offer Paw Plunger to your customers, please contact us!

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