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Our Gourmet Beef bones give your dog the variety that they crave!

Our innovative smoking process not only completely (and naturally) preserves the meat and bone, but it also enhances the flavor of our bones naturally by using different types of smoking woods. Each wood has a distinct flavor and aroma that seasons the meat and bone without adding any artificial ingredients. By using the natural flavor provided by the smoking woods, we are able to bring you the following flavors: Hickory and Maple


Venison Joe’s is a small, family owned manufacturing company located in the heart of east Texas. The company started after seeing a great need to provide a more natural chew for dogs. We started as one man, one smoker, a kitchen table and a few dog shows. The response to the our quality product has been tremendous and we are now able to take the same exceptional quality product into distribution for your local pet store to have on their shelf. The company has now grown into a small production facility that distributes into over 20 states and we’re not done yet!

At Venison Joe’s, we take a lot of pride in our preparation process and quality checkpoints that lead us to the finished product. All of our employees feel a great deal of ownership and pride in what they do and make sure that the quality they inspect will meet our very high standards.

Please check out our store locator for a store that might be near you. If you don’t see one…bug your local store until they bring it in! Everyone will be happy and the world will be a better place for it.

Thanks for checking us out…we’ll look forward to providing a special treat for your dog.

Venison Joe’s Texas-Sized Bulk Box
(Smaller Sized Dogs)


Venison Joe’s Texas-Sized Bulk Box
(Medium Sized Dogs)


Venison Joe’s Texas-Sized Bulk Box
(Larger Sized Dogs)