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Pet Product Innovations, LLC.

Beco Pets

Award Winning!

Eco Friendly Beco Pets is one of Britain’s biggest manufacture and designers of eco-friendly pet products: Affordable, non-toxic toys and accessories. Wherever possible Beco products are made from natural, renewable and recycled materials. By using sustainable sources, and working ethically with our suppliers. We aim to make products that are better for your pets and better for the environment.


Pet Hair Disappears!

ACarPet is your pet hair removal solution. Originally designed for use in automobiles, CarPet works to gather pet hair from upholstery, cars and floors, horse blankets and much more. Lifts, gathers and removes even the trickiest pet hairs. Simply brush over the surface as it digs deep to reach pet hair that can then be lifted and disposed of. Effective instant results…Magical!

Go Pure

Purifies Water - Reduces Grass Burn!

GoPure Removes 99% of Lead, Arsenic, E.Coli; and 97% of Chlorine and Fluoride. GoPure continuously purifies and enhances your pet's water, ensuring it is clean, healthy while preventing that slimy build up in your pet's bowl. Go Pure helps maintain freshness, assisting pH and mineral balance and adsorbing occasional impurities and particulates. GoPure designed for humans and now available for your pets.

Gorument Pet Crews

Made in the USA!

All of Gourmet Pet Chews’ products are 100% sourced and processed in the USA. Our Bones are hand selected and trimmed and then smoked using a propriety process using ONLY real wood- Smoked low and slow. No artificial flavors, chemicals or colorants are used providing you with the security of quality. Beef bones of all sizes and shapes, hooves, ribs.


#1 Paw Cleaner!

Paw Plunger is simply the best solution for dirty paws: The Paw Plunger gently and safely cleans paws before your pup cleans them on your best rug, clean sofa, freshly mopped floor or furniture. It gently removes mud, dirt, snow, in all seasons - spring, summer, fall, and of course, winter, where it removes salt and other irritants that burn and sting paws. Once you use a Paw Plunger you'll wonder how you lived without it.


Effective Dental Care!

Reduces Oral Bacteria by up to 80%- Helps reduce and prevent plaque and Tartar- Freshens Breath. Simple natural limited ingredient superfood ingredients make this unique Dental chew. As effective as brushing that is Gluten Free, Antibiotic free Hormone Free, and lactose Free. Great for puppies, adults and senior dogs. Just a small amount goes a long way. Available in 3 flavors and both hard and soft chews.

Zen Clipper

Clip the Tip Not the Quick!

Zen Clipper has a revolutionary conical blade that only allows the tip of the pet's nail into the cutting area, it's like putting the tip of the nail into a small funnel. The stainless-steel blade design shears and does not crush the nail like other standard clippers. Zen Clipper can be used on Birds, cats, dogs, reptiles, and small animals. No Sharp edges to cut yourself or your beloved pet. Available in several sizes.

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